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Successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

June 18, the company successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Suzhou Municipal Committee, vice mayor Cao Fulong, Zhangjiagang City Mayor Xumei Jian, deputy director of Administrative Committee of Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, gold town party secretary and village party secretary Xu Jianbo, the Yangtze River Conditioner Group Ltd. Chairman of the Board Yu whole and, Chairman Yu Xiaqiu and other leaders attended the listing ceremony.

Xu Meijian said in his speech, the Yangtze River Machinery Co., Ltd. of the successful listing of RT is a new milestone in the history of the company, marking the operation of the company's capital level of the beginning of a new operating system entered a new stage. He hopes the company can market a new opportunity to increase the effective input, speed up technological innovation and bigger and stronger to do good, to enhance the industry to consolidate its leading position, with outstanding performance, to return the whole of society and the majority of investors.

Yu Xiaqiu chairman said in his speech, the company will be listed as a new starting point, continue to seek new economic growth point of the spirit of scientific development, give full play to the policy advantages and further enhance the company's core competitiveness and profitability, the company's main Industry so special, so refined, stronger, bigger, to the satisfaction of the majority of investors in return for the contribution to economic prosperity and social development of people should have the power of the Yangtze River.

General Manager Qiuqi Qin, Huang and Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of the Yangtze River Conditioner Group Limited attended the ceremony along with Cheng Songhua other.

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