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Company held the grand opening Spring Management Training cum Conference

Taurus see the old year out to do the cold, take along Spring jade tiger wings. To further stimulate employee enthusiasm, raise awareness of full competition, to achieve the company's new development. February 19, the company held a grand Spring Festival cum-management training conference opener, section chief and above the company attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the deputy general manager of Frog Chan, general manager Qiu Qiqin work report and the important instructions.

Report, Qiuqi Qin, general manager of the company in 2009 first made in the past the results given full recognition; Second, the prospects for the company, competition situation, capabilities and work style managers, employee awareness and attitude, made a comprehensive Analysis, requiring all the staff to change their ideas as soon as possible, sort out the work of thinking, and effectively improve the company's management level and efficiency; Finally, faced with risks and opportunities in 2010, Qiu Qiqin general manager called and asked all employees should have the confidence and Determination, the common development of enterprises should be thinking, and team spirit of progress, the one not to carry out good work, and to seize market opportunities to promote the company to a new level.

During the meeting, the company and the production department, marketing department, the Department of Administrative Services, capital finance, quality management, engineering technology department as well as the signing of the 2010 workshop department / workshop economic responsibility (contract) contract at the same time, the company Further promote the art, to create a good atmosphere for business, presented the 2010 winning departments, workshops, regional, Section winners receive pre-race red flag, vice president of Frog Chan said the clearly defined objectives, division of responsibilities, want the red flag of the pre-collar departments, workshops, regional Section to higher standards and strict demands on themselves, make persistent efforts to live up to expectations and played an exemplary role. All middle managers to improve work ethic, strive for advanced, for example, where an individual's spirit led the team to the strength of the team's run to build stronger local shares to maximize current quarter, the positive role of the red flag contest.

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