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Add:Shandong Road, Houcheng
Town, Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province,
Zip Code: 215631

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Changjiangrunfa Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang City, formerly known as RT Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in September 9, 1999, November 1, 2007 establishment of the overall change for the Corporation

The company as a manufacturer of elevator system components, the main components in the elevator guide system development, production, sales and service. Currently, the company's products include solid rails and rail blank, hollow guide rail, elevator guide rail, connecting plates, pressing the elevator guides and other components, a total of more than 180 product specifications, is the global elevator guide rail system components industry products the most complete manufacturer specifications. Since 2006, companies in the global elevator industry in the third rail, elevator guide rail industry first for the Chinese national brand.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise, has a provincial engineering technology research centers and academicians workstation; by the State Administration for Industry as the 'national Credible Enterprise' for eight consecutive years by the Chinese Association for Quality and Construction Machinery Branch National Construction Machinery and Equipment Users Committee as 'the elevator component parts to evaluate the quality of customer satisfaction' enterprises, the China Quality Association and China Enterprise Brand reputation Evaluation Center as 'AAA grade quality credit qualified units' and 'integrity of the quality of consumers (users ) trust units ', is a strategic partner companies - Otis was awarded the' meet the UTC Supplier Quality Assessment Q-plus three required certificates. ' The company's 'Jetstar' trademark was awarded 'Jiangsu Province', 'Suzhou famous trademark'; Company production of 'Jetstar brand,' elevator guide was named 'best brand high-tech industries in China', 'Jiangsu Famou Brand ',' Suzhou City brand. ' Developed the 'elevator door rail' is of Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Agency identified as 'high-tech products.'

The company firmly grasp the direction of the elevator guide development of the industry, adhere to the professional road, always stand in the elevator at the forefront of rail industry, with excellent elevator machine manufacturers were growing. Elevator guide rail company will continue to seize market opportunities, the rapid expansion of production scale, optimize product structure, increase value-added products, and actively promote the company product innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, the company bigger and stronger, strengthen the company in the world elevator guide rail industry's competitive edge as the world's leading elevator guide rail industry class manufacturer.

We welcome all levels of leadership and community colleagues to guide and seek common development!

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